Healthy start

Hello guys,

One other thing about me is that I’m a health freak

Yeah i guess you can say its good, but at times

Its not.

To start my day, i made a refreshing watermelon smoothie

Along with some cereal, filled with fruits






What did you guys have for breakfast?



Sun vibes

hello guys!

Summer is honestly amazing

Even though we get all sweaty

Every day the beach is waiting for us 🙂

Or a pool

Just relaxing with friends

And don’t forget the tanning




1660814_206709292855862_329843579_n   1622888_206709149522543_1543066159_n


High waisted wash out shorts – factorie

Dark blue/denim bikini – roxy


Welcomee to my blog!

Helloo guys, first up i just want to get out that i really suck at introductions.
Like i really suck.
Anyways I’m jess!
Im 14 soon to be 15 living in sydney, Australia
For a long time now i have wanted to start a blog but didn’t know the first thing about a blog. I had seen many amazing blogs but never got around to making my own. Like some of you guys i have a passion for photography,fashion,music, and diy things!
Two main blogs inspired me and i will mention them later on. One reason that made me want to start a blog, was to be able to voice my opinion. I will be honest i am pretty quiet and first! I would love to be able to meet people and make friends with people that love the same things i love!
One other thing, I’m a shopaholic.
And its bad
really bad
But good because i always have new clothes 😛
I hope you find my blog interesting and would love to hear feedback!