Welcomee to my blog!

Helloo guys, first up i just want to get out that i really suck at introductions.
Like i really suck.
Anyways I’m jess!
Im 14 soon to be 15 living in sydney, Australia
For a long time now i have wanted to start a blog but didn’t know the first thing about a blog. I had seen many amazing blogs but never got around to making my own. Like some of you guys i have a passion for photography,fashion,music, and diy things!
Two main blogs inspired me and i will mention them later on. One reason that made me want to start a blog, was to be able to voice my opinion. I will be honest i am pretty quiet and shy..at first! I would love to be able to meet people and make friends with people that love the same things i love!
One other thing, I’m a shopaholic.
And its bad
really bad
But good because i always have new clothes 😛
I hope you find my blog interesting and would love to hear feedback!